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The Custom Properties component appeals you, but you are not sure if it fits your need? You'd like to give it a try but you lack a test Joomla! installation at the moment? Wait no further.

Enter the Custom Properties Demo Site.

This is a fake "food & wine" website you can experiment with.

You can define your own properties, assign them to content items and experiment with different access level configurations. There are 2 search modules showing different fields. Registered user will be able to add tags directly from the frontend. The component is configured to show the result summary. Furthermore the search/cptags plugin will let you search CP-tagged items directly from standard Joomla search module.

We also installed Mod Dropdown Articles for you to experiment.

We've also installed FaLang so that you can evaluate Custom Properties in a multi language environment. Have fun but remember that the whole demo site is zapped and reloaded every hour on the hour.

Please use these credentials to login:


backend (administration)
url: http://www.solidsystem.it/demo31/administrator
username: cpadmin
password: cpadmin


frontend (as Registered User)
user: cpuser
password: cpuser


installed versions
component 3.0.0
cpsearch 3.0.0
cpcloud 3.0.0
cpmenu 3.0.0
cpnews_show 3.0.0
content/plugin 3.0.0
search/plugin 3.0.0
plugin button 3.0.0
Dropdown Articles 3.0.1

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FaLang translation system by Faboba